About Us

Fabreturns was created by an operations executive with 25 years of experience in the apparel and fashion industry working for top athletic, fashion and action sports brands. We built the technology for key elements of returns functionality; make returns easy for customers and focus on creating more sales through repurchases. We also know the downside cost reality of returns and why sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to bring product back to your warehouse. Thus the idea was born for allowing brands to send select products to charity, which in some cases is more cost effective, not to mention the social goodwill created in the process.


We know most brands are sitting on too much inventory. We also know there's a ton of people out there who are living in the margins, struggling to keep up in our fast paced, ever changing world. By directing some product via returns directly to organizations that exist to serve this segment of our population brands can be a catalyst to making the world a better place. 

Let's face it, returns are a time consuming, costly and painful experience for everyone. And if we can get all scientific and stat driven for a moment, the evidence exists to show that companies who incorporate a model of giving back in their business see greater growth and profits. Better yet, with our app you can reduce costs and generate repurchases, all while donating some of your returns to charity.

300 million kids worldwide without shoes

1.6 billion lack adequate housing

1.4 billion people worldwide without shoes

776 million are living in poverty