frequently asked questions

do i have to use the donation feature to use this app?

Nope! This is first and foremost an app to make returns easy for you and your customer. Secondly, it's an app that can enable direct donation for items that don't make sense to bring all the way back to your warehouse. Best of both worlds.

what does "all features all the time" really mean?

Exactly what it sounds like. We're just getting started with this app and have built killer features right out of the gate. Every time we add a feature you get the full benefit of it without having to pay an up-charge. Simple wins every time and we think the pricing should reflect that. You always know what you're getting with us. Plus, we want to do great things with you for life!

what other e-commerce platforms is the charity returns app on?

Right now we're exclusively on Shopify but will expand onto other key platforms in 2019. We offer custom integrations for certain platforms as well. Reach out to us via our contact page to explore this option.

how do I install this app on my shopify storefront?

We thought you might ask that. Click on this button.

how do I determine if i should donate products versus returning them to my warehouse?

Donating product will work for some brands and for others it won't. Either way you've got a killer returns app! There are many variables but in the simplest terms ask yourself the following. Are you sitting on too much inventory? Do you often have to liquidate inventory via off-price channels? Do you manage your own fulfillment or does a 3PL do this for you? What are your average retail price points and when does it not make sense to go through all the hassle and costs of bringing goods back into your warehouse. Imagine the ability to skip the returns process, do good and focus on getting your customer to repurchase from you? The Holiday season is a great example. Do you want those returns on items you heavily discounted in order to drive year end sales?

what products can be donated to the charity returns partners?

Pretty much anything you can think of, except maybe large appliances and furniture. Small to mid size items across so many categories. For example Goodwill and Salvation Army take a wide range of products whereas Soles4Souls only takes footwear and apparel. When you use our app you get to select the charity partner you want your donation eligible returns to go to.

How do I participate in helping with charity if I can't donate any products?

Easy. Regardless of whether you use the donation feature we donate a portion of all sales, not profits, to the charity partners we support. Lots of companies say they donate a portion of their profits but many companies don't actually make a profit. We take it off the top because it's built into our business model. So, a portion of the money you pay us to use the app goes to them. Profit and purpose. Hey that's a great book!  Check this out. Click here.

How exactly do I save money with this app?

Let's face it, returns are a reality in this new age of e-commerce. You win when you get more repurchases from customers returning product by issuing refunds quickly and re-marketing to or incentivizing them. You also win by taking a hard look at your cost of returns, including freight, handling and inventory carrying costs. Find the sweet spot where it makes more sense to donate the product, get a tax write off (double check with your accountant!) and focus on sales. When you elect to donate certain products they ship to a donation partner nearest your customer, saving money on shipping fees (think of a East Coast customer shipping it up the street versus all the way back to you on the West Coast).

what if my customer wants to ship back multiple items and one qualifies for donation?

As of right now we only allow goods to be sent to donation if they're tagged in your Shopify back end and the customer is only requesting that one item. If your customer requests to send back multiple items our app overrides the donation feature and has them all sent back to your warehouse.

who pays for return shipping when I use this app?

Our app allows you to offer free return shipping or have your customer ship it back on their dime. Free and easy is usually the best method to keep customers returning to buy goods from you. Before you buck the trend I'd follow the lead of retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, Nike etc. Just our two cents. Can we get some change?

how will i pay for return shipping when I use the charity returns app?

When you create your Charity Returns account we'll ask you to enter a credit card number so every time your customer requests a return label we'll bill your card to generate it and purchase it from USPS.

What carriers does charity returns use for return shipping labels?

We offer shipping labels through USPS.

Can I require returns approvals or does the customer automatically get a label when they request a return on my site?

With our app you have the option to hold all requests for approval or make this automatic so the label is emailed to them as soon as they request it. It might be good to hold for approval if you have high value items, for example.

Does this app allow exchanges?

At the moment no, but we're working on that functionality. Your best bet is to have the customer initiate the return and ask them to get it mailed ASAP. Have them place a new order with a store credit in lieu of a refund. Then as soon as you get the event notification the carrier has it, ship the new order. This means they get a refund in 1-3 days versus the average of 12 - 20 days for most brands, which is crazy. They also get to have the exchange order sent out quickly and not have to have their funds tied up across two orders. The key is to hold the exchange order until you receive the carrier event notification that it's in their system.

how do I partner with charity returns?

If you are a non-profit and would like to partner with us just reach out to us via our contact page. We have partnerships with three major non-profits with global reach but we are interested in partners with a regional footprint as well. We'd love to hear from you!

What other Charity partners are you adding to the app?

We are always on the lookout for new partners that make sense to work with. Right now our partners have extensive reach in the US and globally. None the less we are open to hearing from interested non-profits.

How do I partner with charity returns if I'm not a non-profit?

If you're an agency, freelance marketer or software platform provider that would like to partner with us just drop us a line via our contact page. We're definitely interested in speaking with you.

Tips for making returns an advantage for your business

  • Use a great returns app, like ours!

  • Think of returns as a marketing opportunity to build brand loyalty with your customers

  • Make returning product for your customers free and easy

  • Create better sizing charts, videos or imagery to help customers determine the right fit before they purchase

  • Be clear on your returns policy at various points on your site, including checkout

  • Don't haggle with customers over returns, even if they're a little outside of your returns policy window

  • The few dollars you think you're saving by haggling with them is going to cost you lots more in future business with them

  • Seriously consider donating certain products to charity where it makes sense

  • You'll save money, build loyalty and create social goodwill in your community of customers

  • Issue refunds quickly and when the carrier scans the package into their system versus waiting for it to arrive at your warehouse

What did we miss? get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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